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Do you believe God gifted your students to make the world a better place? 
We do.

Equip them to be difference-makers, critical thinkers, Christ-pursuers and let help you do so.

Academics Simplified.

River Oaks Study Center partners with families to unlock the God-given potential in their students and ease the stress that can sneak into what God wants to be a blessing for your family.  We know how demanding balancing home education and family life can be, and that some days you may wonder what happened to the "home" part of homeschooling.

We offer online tutoring and classes so that your family can spend more time around the table.  
Using our own experience as homeschoolers, we work with you to lessen the guesswork  and answer the "How do I?" questions that are common to many families, helping you find joy in the journey.

At River Oaks, our goal is to help your family grow "like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither - whatever they do prospers." (Psalm 1:3)


Tutoring tailored to your student
As needed or monthly
$55/session or $40/hr monthly
Emergency help options


In-depth classes for 3-5 students
Classes by semester
Teacher access by text or email


Online tutorials for 5-10 students
Classes by semester or year
$10/session & multi-class discount
Teacher access by text or email


Personalized consultation for:
Discipleship and learning tools, curriculum help, test prep, and
college application essay assistance

"We can do nothing but rave...
He's a Godsend." - Emma,CA

River Oaks Study Center got its start in 1998 as "Cogitans Classical Tutorials" as Nathan Cooper,
a homeschool student, began tutoring and giving chess lessons in his local community. 
Twenty years later, Nathan is a Christian homeschooling success story, holding a master's degree in worship theology, serving as a minister, and home educating his four children with his wife, Jennifer.
He continues to teach and disciple with a focus on helping home educating families succeed.  
The Coopers' passion for Kingdom work extends beyond their local church through River Oaks,
which has partnered with families in God-centered academics internationally.

What We Teach

River Oaks offers a variety of subjects, with new topics being added often. 
Below is just a selection of what we offer and our courses are open to students of all ages,
from elementary age to high school or college seniors to senior citizens. 
If you want to learn, we'd love to teach you.
Contact us for more information.


Whether your student eats math up, or if you just don't want it eating them alive, our adept teachers are ready to help ... and really enjoy it! We offer classes from elementary math through pre-Calculus.


Reading comprehension and strong written communication are a must.  We make sure your foundations are solid, then build upon them with you to comprehensively develop a love of reading and a clear writing voice.


Few disciplines engage both sides of the brain, order the mind, and allow insight in other areas of life as Chess does.  Strengthen mathematical, logical and critical thinking skills in a fun and challenging way.


For many students, testing is the key to college scholarships.  We're here to help you prepare to get your best results at rates that mean you don't have to rush the process.  Let us help you ease the tension around testing.


From Old and New Testament surveys to spiritual formation and personal discipleship, our classes are geared to equip the student for the next part of their Christian walk while engaging their unique spiritual gifts.


This unique course for those who love to write and want to hone their skills.  Two instructors and an encouraging forum with both assigned work and personal projects will help you develop your craft.


In an unforgettable adventure, joined by logical thought, reading comprehension, and apologetics, this class covers some of C.S. Lewis' most influential works, both fictional and non-fictional. 


Topics include test-taking, time management, writing, health, how to take notes and other key information that helps you be ready when your classmates are still wondering where and how to start.

Family Testimonials

Nathan Cooper taught me the fundamentals of chess, but even better, he infected me with a love for the game. I went from a once-in-a-blue-moon chess hack to a competitive high school and college chess player, enjoying regular tournament successes and steady advancement in USCF rating each year.
Mr. Cooper is a skilled yet patient instructor who delights in seeing his pupils achieve. I was one of his first students, and now have 14 years of chess club and tournament fun to thank him for. The cognitive skills I gained through playing chess (seeing a whole and being able to project play several moves out) have been of great benefit as I completed an engineering degree, and now as I work on a doctorate. Chess is an efficient and enjoyable way to discipline and train the brain, and I highly recommend Nathan Cooper’s instruction!

MICHAEL, Research Assistant in Surgical Robotics at Vanderbilt University

After Mr. and Mrs. Cooper tutored me in math and writing, I experienced significantly less stress while taking the SAT. Also, I felt more prepared than in previous attempts. I have gained confidence in my own abilities to succeed through our sessions together, and I will take the skills I have acquired with me to college and beyond.

AUDREY, Purdue Graduate

Nathan Cooper tutored my son in writing after Russell had already failed the writing TAKS test twice. Passing this test was necessary for High School graduation. Nathan found subjects that Russell was familiar with and interested in to write about. He related very well to Russell. Russell was able to pass the test the third time. We were very satisfied with the job Nathan did. I highly recommend his tutoring services

SHARI , Parent in TX

Our kids have studied with Mr. Cooper for the past four years. Michael, our 17 year old, started with Mr. C in an online Chess course offered through The Potter’s School and also encountered him substitute teaching in English. Nathan's excellent manner of dealing with his students led us to engage him as Michael's private tutor for both English and PSAT, ACT and SAT studies - tests on which Michael obtained very good, scholarship-level scores thanks to Nathan’s encouragement and guidance. Even our two younger kids, 12 and 14, have had over two years of English tutoring with him and the results have been nothing short of wonderful. The kids love and respect him. In the future, we are planning to have him coach our youngest ones as well. We can do nothing but rave about Mr. Cooper. He’s a Godsend.

EMMA, Parent in CA

Our son, David, has been a tutoring student of Nathan Cooper's for two years.  Under Mr. Cooper's patient instruction, we have seen David grow tremendously as a chess player.  Mr. C., as his students like to call him, is an outstanding teacher who breaks down the complicated game of chess into understandable pieces while also pushing kids to do their best.  In addition, he is a wonderful role model, often sharing stories of his own wins and losses he learned.  The skills David gained during tutoring have helped him in all his subjects.  We have been very pleased by Nathan's professionalism.  He faithfully communicates David's progress to us through weekly reports.  He also holds David accountable for his homework and expects game post-mortems, reviewing them with David to maximize learning opportunities.  David looks forward to his tutoring time each week, and we are very thankful to have found such a wonderful teacher.

TRACY, Parent in VA

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